P3- Contextual Studies Assignment 5

Student name Sue Gilmore Student number 301644
Course/Module Contextual Studies Assignment number 5

Overall Comments

 Well done for completing the course!

Thank you for sending me everything you have done during the last five assignments. It is testament to amount of hard work and commitment you have put in to this course. To read it all properly would take me about a week, so I have merely flicked through it to get a sense of the depth and variety.

I realise you have sent me everything so that I can advise on editing. I was investigating recently how much you need to submit. It is all down to discernment. Put in what you think is relevant to your studies. I will advise you below, but the final selection is up to you.

Feedback on assignment

 Critical essay

This is much improved. You have cut out unnecessary passages and reorganised it. It flows better now and has tighter structure, allowing the reader to follow your thoughts. The links between Hesse and Newling through Le Witt and Smithson are particularly well thought through. Your title is intriguing and brings the reader in. The sections are informative and well researched. I think you should be proud of this document as a piece of work that has come about through your commitment to your own work and your willingness to connect your concerns with the work of other artists.


You have organized the box folder in a clear way with the different sections labelled. Reread the guidelines on page 49. Tutor reports, research material and peer interaction go together in the same folder, labelled ‘Integrated Studies’, perhaps with colour tabs to indicate the various sections. This is where you will need to reduce the amount you have. Reread the guidelines on p15 of the course notes. The assessors will not have time to focus on everything, so you do not want to dilute their experience. By all means put in research for each assignment, but less of it.

You have included a lot of research for your extended written project. There is no need to include earlier drafts, unless they are part of an assignment- assignment 4 will have your so called first draft. I was supposed to annotate it, but didn’t realise. I spoke to Caroline Wright about this and she said that as long as the information is in the report that is fine. I will attach a covering letter about this which you should attach to the draft.

Don’t repeat material, unless it is significantly altered. It would be a good idea to include things like spider diagrams as this shows your thought processes. Reduce the number of printed documents you put in as this adds bulk.  Above all, do not put in printed material that does not have your notes, comments and reflections on it. (See secondary research p 45.) Similarly, do not put in sheets that have photos of books on your shelf unless you have written a review of them.

Highlighting passages of printed material is a good idea. You could extend this idea by cutting out and putting in the most relevant sections. Alternatively, you can refer to the printed material, whether it be a lecture or an article by referencing it. (Of course, all these documents should then be put back into your folder after the assessment as they will be useful to look back on.)

The main thing is to guide the assessors through your thought processes and your research. Part of your mark will be based on how you present your material. It is not a good idea to bombard them with too much material. However, you do want to draw their attention to the fact that you have researched extensively.

Finally, read through the course aims and outcomes on page 7. Your main concern is how you respond to the material you have researched.

Please email me if you have any queries about what to submit. I wish you every success in this and the rest of level 3.

Tutor name: Olivia Irvine
Date 3.8.15
Next assignment due  

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