Tangential Research


Coates English Willow– willow growers and basket makers.

Musgrove Willows– willow growers.

Yorkshire Willow– willow growers.

The Basket Makers Association (UK)

National Plant Collection- Salix (biomass cropping)

Research relating to coppicing willow as it provides a renewable and sustainable biomass for bioenergy.

Research relating to ‘Aspects of the Ecology of willow Aphids’.

Willowpedia– a comprehensive site hosted by Cornell University to support a community of knowledge surrounding academic study and commercial use of shrub willow as a sustainable feedstock crop for bioenergy, biofuel and bio products.


On Charcoal – a comprehensive study of charcoal by Peter J. F. Harris, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Reading. 1999.

Bronwyn Taylor– artist using charcoal experimentally.

Seon Ghi Bahk– artist using suspended charcoal

Judith Braun– artist using charcoal dust.

Julie Tremblay– artist making experimental drawing with charcoal dust.

Arturs Virtmanis– artist working with charcoal

Le Quattro Volte– film that features scenes of traditional charcoal burning.


 Biochar overview.

UK Biochar Research Center.

 The Bright Prospect of Biochar– an article from Nature Magazine.

Biochar: Is the hype justified? – BBC article considering the potential uses of Biochar (a form of charcoal) as we work towards being more carbon neutral.

Making Natural Inks

The British Plant Gall Society– for identifying galls.

Trees for Life- Plant Galls– further info regarding plant galls.

Iron Gall Ink– a medieval recipe from Prof. Sarah Peverley.

Iron Gall Ink – found on youtube.

Make your own natural inks– by The Roots Project conservation Volunteers.

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