Notes for Assessors

This is my REFLECTIVE LOG for the course and I will give some guidance below as to where you can find some of the important elements for assessment-

  • Assignment page on top bar will reveal page for each assignment summary.
  • Tutor Reports page on top bar will reveal page for each Tutor report.
  • A tab for ‘Reflections on tutor feedback’ can be found on the side bar under categories.
  • A tab for ‘Evidence of peer engagement’ can be found in the tag cloud in the side bar.

I have created another blog in order to present work for my final assignment of Painting 3- Major Project. This can be found at-

I have aimed to make links through out between pages, post, etc. where it seems to be relevant.

I would also like to point out to the assessors that I was on the BA(Hons) Creative Arts Pathway, but more recently have transferred to the BA(Hons) Painting Pathway.

And I would like to point out the circumstances under which I have completed the course. I had just started this level when my eldest son was killed in a hit and run incident. I stopped working completely for 3-4 months, but then gently returned to trying to work and was given an additional supportive tutorial by OCA to assess if it seemed appropriate to return. I was restarted on the new Painting 3 course in May 2014. I continued to use the same blog that I had originally started in order that it gives a fuller sense of the journey.