Reflections on tutor report for Conceptual Studies assignment 5.

I am pleased that O. feels that this piece of work is ‘much improved’, and recognises that it has come about though a commitment to my own work and a willingness to connect with the concerns of other artists. There are times whilst working on this piece that I felt that there was possibly incoherence about it, but in pursuing it I do feel as though I made some very relevant insights for my own practice. Since submitting my critical review, whilst exploring the work of Allan Kaprow, I have written this in my blog-

It is funny one of the first notes I made on reading was-

‘ephemeral, performative and notational practices increasingly central to art of the late 20thC and early 21stC’.

It became apparent quite quickly that this was very close to the ideas I was wrestling with for my Contextual Studies Critical Review. And when I read that in many ways Kaprow’s ‘action collages’ were a way of reconciling the work of Jackson Pollack and John Cage- the painterly and conceptual, the physical and theoretical- this set me thinking about the work I had just done around Eva Hesse and John Newling. The connection between art and life was also something that cropped up during my research.

So, when O. writes in my report, ‘Your main concern now is how you respond to the material you have researched’, I do feel as though I have achieved a better understanding of how to bring together the conceptual ideas that underpin the work, with the physical work itself. This in turn adds to my confidence to pursue one aspect of my practical work where I have been exploring how to work with ephemerality, performative and notational practices.

At the end of a piece where I reflected on how I came to my artist statement I wrote this-

‘This time has been one of very mixed emotions, negotiating a path between certainty and uncertainty, and back again. Artistically I feel satisfied with the place I am at, but in many ways feel that I am not at the end, but just the beginning.’

This sense of not being at the end, but closer to the beginning also rings true for my contextual studies. I feel I have covered a lot of ground, but am already considering how best to take my work forward, and with a growing list of reading to explore.

On a more practical note, regarding my submission- following my report and O’s suggestions to perhaps edit down some areas, I did consider making a digital submission. Following discussion with O. though I have decided to make a physical submission so that elements like mind maps and handwritten notes etc. can be physically experienced.

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