Testing out hanging of Trace Drawing.

In discussions around my Trace Drawings and their potential as Performative pieces- the making and showing as part of the exhibiting, M. and I spoke about how to take it from the making to the showing. How would it be shown? On the ground? On the wall? As a film piece? My feeling is still that it could be made in a space and then hung straight onto the wall- this would cut out the potential for damage to the integrity of what is a very delicate surface. In a way this remains speculative as I have yet to secure an exhibition space, but I set out to show that it could be achieved.

The size of the pieces I have made, 150 x 150 cms, is in part the main challenge, but also using  paper from a roll that tends to roll back up. I knew it would need weighting down in some way so that it hung flat. I can’t quite recall how I came to my idea, but long flat pieces of wood and bulldog clips came to mind. And I had spotted a place on the outside of our conservatory with hooks already in place to try out hanging. I used the large sheet of paper with the aperture cut out (the one used for the trace drawings) which is the same size to test out hanging.

I was really pleased that this seems to have worked well. It has reassured me that it is possible. Inside it was stopped hanging straight down because of the log-burner behind, but I would aim to avoid log-burners and water butts in my selection of gallery space. It also showed me that it would work with hooks or screws, if I had to worry about such things, and there is flexibility in that the bulldog clips can be moved along the wood if required to accommodate fixtures. A useful exercise.

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