Further reflections on peer engagement.

I am thinking about this again as I start to pack up my work ready to submit for my final assignment and the requirement to show evidence of peer interaction. Much of what I wrote in my post of 12th November 2014 remains true. I haven’t linked every post I have made on the OCA forums, though have tried to where I have received help or feedback of some nature. I was quite intrigued to find that I am currently listed on the site as a ‘frequent poster’.

I recognise that as I start work on my Professional Practice module this is an area that I will need to place an emphasis on. In many ways is has been in these later stages of the course that, in order to somehow bring my work together, I have had to reflect more deeply and I have found myself making connections with what has happened in my life- the lost of my son, and this has been emotionally challenging. I think this adds to my caution around having to discuss and articulate what is going on in my work, but know it is something I will have to negotiate.

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2 Responses to Further reflections on peer engagement.

  1. starrybird says:

    The fact that you have made your blog public and the fellow students like me have read, learnt from, commented on and enjoyed it must count as public engagement. I, personally, have really valued access to your blog.

  2. smgilmore says:

    Thank you for your comments.

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