Reflections on report for Major Project assignment 4

Assignment 3 left me with uncertainties, but this report has left me feeling me more confident about the direction I am going in- ‘your work is really coming together and it was engaging to read and view your blogsite’.

I had worked really hard, especially with my artist statement, to really make sense of my work and somehow encapsulate it, so relieved that M. felt it nicely covered the elements that have come into my work. M. felt that it may benefit from a few extra notes to give greater clarity to the context- during various post in my blog I have already mentioned various influences, particularly with regard to the language I have used, but I shall aim to bring these together more succinctly for my final assignment.

Mostly I feel relieved to have a more concrete notion of my potential final body of work, I feel I have a clearer idea of where I aiming, though still a lot of work to do. I have made list of various practical things to do-

  • Looking at A. Tapies in relation to planned series of Charcoal Paintings
  • Research possibilities in relation to the idea of books, newspapers, etc- remembering to think about materials-? recycled.
  • Re-visit Jean Clude and Christo in relation to how they document their work- a clear way of showing activity, clear reflection and use of thought.
  • Go back through blog to re-appraise work- are there pieces that may seem insignificant, but may be a piece of work?
  • Contact the OCA re-the presentation of fragile/ephemeral works for assessment.
  • Re-visit Dieter Roth in relation to mapping related to performative work- the idea of making as part of the exhibition.
  • Look at Allan Kaprow- Art as Life
  • Look at the artist- Andrea Zittel- an artist living her art.
  • Spent some time re-appraising, possibly re-making video work, paying attention to technical issues

I have already got hold of a copy of Kaprow’s book, it quite large, but I will look forward to delving in. I have also come across, what looks like a really interesting and very relevant, book called ‘Playing for Time’ by Lucy Neal, which explores the pivotal role artists can play in re-thinking the future, moving away from consumerism and commodity towards community and collaboration.

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