Drowned World- a living willow sculpture.

This piece was inspired through having a collection of cuttings that had been kept with their ends in water over winter and were starting to make buds for leaves and for roots- small white dots. If I could make a sphere and partially immerse it water- would it continue to grow? I was partly intrigued by the idea that each rod would be in the water, out of the water, then in the water again, and out again- and whether the rod would grow roots, then leaf buds, then more roots, then more leaves- not the normal sequence of things. It would be difficult to check this out, but it has been fascinating to see the growth gradually emerge, both above and below the water. It was as the vegetation was becoming more lush and pressing against the sides of the glass that my mind turned to J.G.Ballard’s 1962 novel, ‘The Drowned World’ , about a world where the ice caps are melting, the sea levels rising and nature is on the rampage.

The film shows the progress from inception on 24th March over 8 weeks, and it will be ongoing. I have continued to explore the idea of film for documentation purposes. Today I discovered the software I am using will only take photos in landscape format- if you try and put in one that is in portrait it will be turned around. This meant the photos above that clearly illustrate the transition could not be included in this film. I will know now, but as this is a time based work I can not go back and take them again- that time has gone. The other thing that I became very aware of was the sound, in particular intrusions over which you have no control over- cars and lawnmowers. There is a moment of transition from video to slide that is slightly jarring- the sound of a lawnmower to silence- again the time had passed to go and record another piece of film. Later, however, birdsong make quite pleasing backdrop. So the sound element is the area I need to further research.

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