Trying out film.

Due to the direction my work has taken and the nature of some of it I have been considering other options of showing/sharing my work and forms of documentation. I have made 2 short videos that I hope convey the nature of my group of 8 living willow sculptures.

Group of 8 living willow sculptures.

Group of 8 living willow sculptures with shadows

I posted a request for feedback on the OCA forum, there is some helpful advice so have added the link here (only available to OCA students).

Have responded to some of the advice, will have another go –

That seems to have work by changing the privicy settings.

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4 Responses to Trying out film.

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  2. starrybird says:

    These are terrific. I hope you will add another video when they are in leaf. Following your blog, I made my own charcoal this week and drew in the life class with it today. Yeh! Wonderful willow!

    • smgilmore says:

      Thank you. I’m glad you like them, they have become my friends. And great that you’ve made your own charcoal- how did you go about it? It feels quite good to draw with charcoal you’ve made, doesn’t it? And I’ve found some has a really smooth feel to it, different to some I have bought.

      • starrybird says:

        My boys had a big bonfire over the bank hol weekend to dispose of debris left from a building project. I put two small mint tins in the bottom filled with old basket making willow in one and green hazel in the other. I thought the fire would be far too fierce but both worked well. The willow is great but really fine and the hazel is a bit scratchy but much firmer and thicker. Good result all around!

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