Making work inspired by No.1.

note re-absence

Referring to No.1 Living Willow Sculpture.

In earlier conversations about my work and how it might sit, and what might be a uniting feature the idea of absence was mentioned. There are fragments, spaces, traces, erasure. I made these notes relating to absence after listening to Tania Kovats talking about her work- these ideas of being lost, having gaps to fill resonated with me, particularly at this time. I have written, ‘there is only willow’ like it has become an important presence for me. In a piece I wrote for Contextual studies around the idea of having a conversation it kind of emerged for me that I am looking to the willow to be informed, like I want it to tell me what to do- like I am lost and looking for guidance. Here I have written ‘lines that nature has grown’, they relate to this year only, they are about this time in this place. These are the sort of things I have thought about when approaching this work.

So I was looking at very simple sketches as I considered this piece. I was torn between focusing on the shape of the willow after the ends had been woven back in, or just the lines made by this years growth.

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It became a battle ground which has turned into something I’m not wholly happy with, but as always there are little areas or details achieved along the way that I do like.

Inspired by No.1  Charcoal and acrylic on paper 65 x 150 cms ( detail )

Inspired by No.1
Charcoal and acrylic on paper
65 x 150 cms
( detail )

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