Reflections on these solar dyeing experiments.

colors in the solar dye pot.

colors in the solar dye pot.

These were very much ‘I wonder if I could…’ experiments that would explore further the properties and potential of working with willow. I do feel it has a lot of potential in terms of capturing something of the willow. I like the subtle delicacy of the marks- they hint at what was there. I like the muted tones and fine marks. I quite like that you have to look up close. I like that it is a slow process with an uncertain outcome, it adds to the anticipation of what might happen. The deteriorating linen caught my attention as I hung the pieces on the line- the small holes and ragged edges- I found myself reflecting on the sort of year I’ve had and started to feel like the ‘rags’ blowing in the wind somehow, summed up my year. It was just a moment, and then I remembered there are some lovely willowy moments on these pieces of fabric. It is these moments that continue to make me think about the what and where and how and why in my work. Should I know by now??

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