Bundles given a steaming.

These are the ‘other 4 bundles’ that I didn’t open up, but instead decided to steam and give a little more time. These 4 contain organic materials- leaves, roots and small twigs from the living willow sculptures- Top-hat and 3’O’s. They have been made on silk and linen. They were bundled on the 7/1/15, steamed on 11/2/15, unbundled on 16/2/15 and ironed on 20/2/15.

I think the results after steaming are better- the marks are more defined and , in addition to the browns, there are hints of some pinky and yellow tones coming through. And, as with the de-collage pieces, when you look closely there are some really interesting marks that hint towards where the leaves have been- almost ghostly imprints.

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I can see there is potential to explore this method further, perhaps steaming, then leaving for longer afterwards. It may be difficult to do now, as the willows have no leaves at all, though I do have a selection of dried ones.

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