Holding back on Major Project assignment 3.

Have had a discussion with Michele (tutor) regarding assignment 3 and mutually decided to put off having a full report for another 6 weeks. Pretty much the whole time since my last report has been emotionally difficult with various anniversaries related to my son’s death and she felt that that it would, perhaps, be beneficial to take some extra time now to reflect further on what I have already done with the aim of bringing a number of works to a resolution. It had occurred to me that it might be a good idea to have more time, but at the same time I have been keen to stick with the deadlines, to keep up a sense of progression and momentum. I did, however, agree with Michele, and it does make sense, particularly at this stage, to work out where and how the work really lies. It was useful to just talk through a few things relating to my work- like data collection and perhaps looking in more depth at the work of Dieter Roth, thinking about how the work might be presented. We also talked about some of the themes in the work and remembering to hold onto the sense of place. Michele told me about Place International as a potential resource of research around this theme. A brief investigation did reveal lots of possibilities to chase up and I found myself to a TED lecture by Jed Thorp, a data artist, called ‘Make data more human’. He uses computers and builds programmes that enable the visualisation of data. He described them as exploratory tools to help better understand science. He spoke about putting data into a human context which allows for an empathy with what the system is doing, this in turn fosters an understanding, and ultimately a fundamental respect. He believes that the world of data can be transformative, and if the human element can be brought into the equation then this can only further it’s potential. It was really interesting to see some examples of what he has done and listen to his thoughts, though the nature of the data he works with is very different to what I have been doing; there were never-the-less some food for thought. I have made a new date with Michele at the beginning of March for assignment 3.

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