Drawing in relation to the process.

In making the first form I recognised that to get better photos it might help to empty the tin onto a sheet of white paper so that I could record it photographically with distracting objects- what I hadn’t appreciated was the drawing potential in not just the charcoal, but the charcoal covered sand. Interesting marks started to appear on the paper where pieces of charcoal had obscured the light covering of dust, little fragments of charcoal had made very tiny marks almost unseen, as well as the marks I made testing out the charcoals. Then the act of lifting the paper to pour the sand back into the tin creates marks that somehow encapsulated the ‘whoosh’ as it rushed off the paper in another cloud of dust. I felt as though these managed to capture something of the energy of that act.

Drawing relating to process of charcoal making.

Drawing relating to process of charcoal making.

I tried this out again with another batch of charcoal and gained a similar result. I have tried to illustrate the delicacy and subtlety of the marks achieved in the photo detail.

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