Making work inspired by ‘3 circles’.

Using some of the simple sketches I have made that refer to the living willow sculpture ‘3 circles’ I wanted to explore the possibility of including these different perspectives into one work using charcoal on a paper surface prepared with acrylic gesso.

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This was an interesting exercise, though I don’t think fully resolved. I worked on it in several phases, one being a wash in the bath, and the final marks being made in exasperation, but then adding perhaps a hint of energy. Some marks are informed from observation, whilst others from memory of work, handling and being with the willow. I think this the approach I want to pursue, but there is a busy-ness I’m not quite happy with. Its funny I also have a slight issue with the curls/spirals, though informed from drawings I have made of the way the willow leaves tend to curl as they dry out, there is a hint of the decorative which make me slightly cautious about them.

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