Virginia creeper leaves.

VCcolorcroppedDiverting from willow leaves a bit, but I caught up in their diversity of colour and patterns in the leaves as they start to fall with the change of season. I found myself wanting to try and preserve something of the strange patterns within them. As I collected it became apparent the stalks are like an entity in themselves, so I collected these too, probably with some Andy Goldsworthy inspired play in mind. I also found myself thinking about this idea of order and chaos in nature- The range of colour and size, which took my mind back to the ‘grid’.

It was interesting to try and make a grid with the stalks. It has a quirky awkwardness about it.

Why I thought soaking them in water and pressing them might preserve the patterns and colour in the leaves, I don’t know. I was hoping to try and put them through the scanner. Of course most of the colour had gone, but there was still quite an interesting result.

I found myself with a 4 m long piece with some really interesting staining, that somehow make the leaves of least interest. This was made using kitchen roll, so remains very fragile. It was still slightly damp in places, so I have folded it and placed it back in the press for now.

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