Willow group of 8

For each of the willows I made a collection of their leaves to incorporate into a group of de-collage works. Unfortunately I missed recording 2 of them.

As with the previous de-collage works I cut small panels of MDF and layered magazine pages that had been inked with white acrylic ink, incorporating the natural materials, in a fairly random manner, using wall paper paste. After these had been allowed to dry thoroughly, about a week, I sanded them back by hand using fine sandpaper.

I do really like these pieces. There is something in the process of sanding back that reveals some lovely shapes and patterns. Hints and traces of the natural materials in colour and form, all with unexpected qualities about them. The detail is in the surface, which also has an air of fragility about it. It is difficult to appreciate the qualities in these photos, so I will add some shots of details from the above examples-
















These pieces have got me thinking more about these pieces working as a group. Possibly making a similar group but with the leaves that have fallen since, so that each group will relate to a different time. And thinking about falling leaves took my mind to the seasons, and of course ‘The four seasons’, a theme that many artists have explored. Just perhaps something to think about.croppedseriesof8

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