Pushing ‘getting back to drawing’ a bit further.

DSC_0190When I finished this work I took a whole series of photos to explore the potential of cropping this down further to make new works. I selected 3 of these to develop.

I will take the same idea of creating a back drawing in charcoal and inks, then work over that in more charcoal. I am also keen to explore the combining of some quite random elements with very defined areas.

Drawing 1.

My initial attempts at the over drawing didn’t feel quite right, there was a sense of symmetry that I wasn’t happy with, so rubbed it back and moved the lines slightly to the right. I think this works better and think the stronger areas of white do add to the sense of depth.

Drawing 2

This work was quite interesting in that somehow in adding the blocks of white it seemed to have the effect of closing down the whole work. It immediately irritated, like it was blocking the view, the sense of space had disappeared. I wiped it back which of course deadened it completely, but in re-drawing the black blocks has re-instated some of the contrasts.

Drawing 3

When I made this work I’d just bought some new inks and think I may have been too liberal with them. In the previous works I was using them more sparingly, possibly to better effect, I’m not sure yet.

All of these works were made on A1 sized paper.


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