Trying out materials.

DSC_0335Just mucking about in sketch book trying out materials and thinking about the possibilities for use of colour. My feeling currently is that my work will be almost monochromatic, with possible use of found colour, like from the willow bark. Exploring the idea of using paints to achieve these hues.
Using the panels I prepared previously.
MDF panels covered in silk, polyester, muslin, calico, canvas and linen.
I initially painted each with a strip on acrylic, area left unpainted and a strip of oil. These left to dry. I then tried out all sorts of materials- Somerset charcoal, Compressed charcoal, colouring pencils, felt pens, marker pens, soft pastels, oil pastels, graphite, watercolours, ink, wax crayons. Somehow sometimes doing something makes you realise what you already knew- I think I’m already thinking that I like the linen, but as much from the experiments I did in staining and I know I want to work with the charcoal. If anything from this I can see the colour I have pinned down, a raw umber ink and sepia watercolour give the sort of hues I imagine.

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