Reflections on additional tutorial and subsequent report.

I was relieved to find that Michele felt the work I have been doing, as I try to get back to work following the loss of my son, does show signs of a viable way forward. One of the outcomes which is not reflected in the report was discussion around the nature of the course book and how the intuitive way I have found myself working may be better facilitated by following the new version of the Painting 3 course. Following negotiation with the OCA, this was agreed and I have been started on the Painting 3 –Major Project/ Contextual Studies pathway. I have decided to continue with the same blog as it is a reflection of the journey, but have done some editing in order to accommodate the new course structure better.
As for the contents of the feed back, I now feel move confident to carry on with what I am doing. Michele made lots of suggestions regarding the development of my work in terms of scale, materials, extending range of marks whilst also considering tonal values. Some of these suggestions have required getting new materials which I have set about doing and will experiment with in due course.
During the tutorial Michele was scanning around trying to see images of my work. I have tried to add images to each post that illustrate what I have been doing, but I am considering making a gallery that would give a quick overview of the different aspects of what I have been looking at.
The report has a number of suggestions for further viewing/reading which I will follow up in due course. I have given priority to reading the new course book and trying to re-orientate my head, and as I said adjust my blog structure.
As a sort of PS, I did find skype a productive way to receive feedback.

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