Wrestling with the branches.

I have found myself spending a lot of time in my garden. Something that I have done for a long time is work with willow, both in order to make things for use in the garden, but also growing and working living willow sculptures. These have evolved over years and are really quite modest, though I have one that has started to grow quite large, each year the new branches become more of a struggle to weave back into the structure. We had already decided to cut it down before our loss, but somehow cutting down during those weeks seemed to make it quite significant. I wanted to keep it and continue to weave the ends in, not quite sure of the outcome. I found wrestling with the branches very engaging physically and mentally, the branches seeming to have a strength and mind of their own. The work was very intuitive. It made me think back to thoughts I’d had previously whilst looking at the work of David Nash and thinking I should be recording this, but not really acting on that thought. It made me want to continue working with the willow, perhaps building on this form, and possibly use this form as a focus for drawing and painting.

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