Drawing Exercise- Landscape.

landscapeop.jpg                                                                                                                                                         This landscape drawing is a view of Burrow Hill, down on the Somerset Levels. It is a location I have been visiting and recording, both through photography and drawing. As I wanted to make the drawing from observation I had decided by looking at previous thumbnail sketches where I would head for. My decision here to work on A2 sized paper was based mostly on the fact that the location was a good walk along the droves- approx ¾ hr- from where I could park my car, and I would have to carry all I needed. When I

detail from landscape of Burrow Hill.

detail from landscape of Burrow Hill.

approached my location, I found the spot I had chosen was also the spot the local farmer had decided to plough that day, so I had to decide quickly on an alternative spot. The composition of this drawing isn’t as dynamic as I would have liked, though afterwards I found myself identifying areas within it that could be developed. It did take a while to get going- several false starts, but once I got going I became quite absorbed with trying to capture the textures of the trees and hedges. Something that I have been aware of whilst working on developing my sketchbook in this landscape are all the other sensations going on around me- I stopped drawing briefly to film a small aircraft that had decided to give me an aerobatic display and the sound of the engine so evocative of a different place.

This drawing was made in charcoal and took approx 3 ½ hrs to make.

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