Drawing Exercise- Is this a still life or a landscape?

rootsystemop.jpg                                                                                                                                                         This drawing has been inspired by sketchbook work of my own willow trees. For a long time now I have grown willow and woven the branches to create living willow sculptures (of sorts!). I was drawing details of these, but then discovered the root structures. As they grow quite prolifically it is often not long before they are pot bound and create a kind of wall of root structures. It was the drawings of Vija Celims that I was looking at during my previous course that made me think of trying to capture this surface. Its like a landscape without a particular focal point, or it could be a map. It seems to have many possibilities. I really like the shapes and patterns that seem to emerge.

The drawing is currently 15 x 18 cms, but I may continue to work on it. It was made with a 2B pencil and took 6 hrs.

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