Thinking about my major project.

I have already been giving quite a lot of thought to my major project. It is quite likely that it will focus on the Landscape of the Somerset Levels close to where I live. Towards the end of the Mixed media course I had started to develop a sketchbook that stemmed from that location and found that it was really helpful in producing work that felt grounded, even though some of the works were quite different. I am quite keen to develop my relationship with that landscape and explore some of the ideas I have had further.

Whilst considering ideas, I have come across a number of artists that are of interest for different reasons-

Mathhias Meyer for his water paintings, and his use of materials. He uses dilute oil paint as if it were watercolour, building up veils of colour, creating work that give the impression of ‘a glimpse into the unending deep’. He was a student of Gerhard richter.

Mossie Quille for her use of charcoal in creating exquisitely textured drawings of her landscape. Charcoal is a product of the Somerset Levels, from the willow trees that grow there, and a material I have thought I would like to work with for its relationship to the place.

Kate Noble for her paintings inspired from the Somerset Levels. Her focus is Godney which is further north, closer to Glastonbury, but it is interesting see her take. It sounds like she has just completed her MA in Fine Art.

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