Exhibition- Summer Exhibition, Halcyon Gallery, London

Whilst in London made an opportunistic visit to the Halcyon gallery. My attention was caught by 2 artists of whom I was not previously aware.

Ernesto Canovas intrigued me with his mixed media works, mostly of a figurative nature, that had a sense of atmosphere about them and were generally in quite muted colours. When I was drawn to look a little closer, I realised the work was on wooden board, and rubbed back so that the grain of the wood had become visible. The patterns in the wood add to the sense of rhythm and mood. His work draws from painting, drawing, printmaking and photography, and uses found images, both historic and current. I like the idea of the multi-layered practices that in some way mirrors the layering of the content. I found his work interesting because it illustrated well some of the ideas and processes I was experimenting with whilst doing my previous module. I think my works tended to perhaps be overcomplicated like I was getting tied up trying to put too many ideas and processes together.

Dale Chihuly, though not a painter, caught my attention for a piece that was part of his ‘Chiluly Illuminated’ installation- the Persian Wall. He is a sculptor who works in glass. The Persian Wall is made up many discs of coloured and patterned glass that have been manipulated into pieces resembling flowers. These have been mounted on the wall and illuminated so there is a play of light and shadows across the wall, and around onto the adjoining wall. I love idea of the extension of a piece of work through the use of light and shadow. It is something I touched on also in my previous module. It makes me wonder how this idea could be translated into painting. I am aware that some artists have used this idea with paper- cutting, but I will continue to think about it in relation to painting.

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