Feedback for assessment of Painting 2- Mixed Media.

‘Assessor’s comments-

Continue to develop observation as a basis for your work, whether that is through drawing or photography.

There appears to be a more refined aesthetic developing through the later works as the work becomes less decorative.

Your visual sense, the way you place and compose elements and your use of repetition is strong and displays a developing personal voice.’

 I was pleased with my mark of 67% and find the feed back does reflect in a way how I was feeling about my work. Towards the end of the course I did find that through developing my sketchbook along a theme in a more focused way I was more able to make works where I felt more comfortable with the outcomes. I intend to continue to develop work around the same theme in my sketchbook, and hope this will add greater depth to my work. I appreciate that it is important to continue to develop observation as a basis for work. I do use a camera quite a lot, but my intention is to try and really develop my drawing. Looking at the breakdown of marks I can see it is the ‘demonstration of technical and visual skills’ and ‘quality of out come’ that I need to push most if I want to push my marks up. I would like to build up a momentum and try to be more focused, through drawing and painting, in order to achieve this.

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